About Us

The City of Peoria contracts with Peoria Disposal Company for residential trash, recycling, and yard waste collection. Trash and yard waste pickup are provided weekly for residents within the City limits (single family homes up to 4 family units). Residential billing and education managed by the City of Peoria’s Public Works Department.

Contact Information

Peoria Disposal Company (PDC)
(309) 674-5176, option 1
Visit the PDC website
Email PDC

City of Peoria Trash Hotline
(309) 494-8807

Pay Your Bill
(800) 701-4677

Hearing impaired individuals may obtain additional information through the Illinois Relay Center’s toll-free number, 1 (800) 526-0844 (TDD only) or 1 (800) 526-0857 (voice). Alternative formats are available for persons with vision impairments.

Collection Fees

Garbage collection, yard waste collection, and recyclables pickup are currently provided to Peoria residential customers through a contract with PDC. To offset a portion of the cost for these services, the City bills a fee of $17.00 per month for the calendar year 2018, $18.00 per month for the calendar year 2019, $19.00 for the calendar year 2020, and $20.00 per month for the calendar year 2021 and beyond, per dwelling per month for single-family detached residences, single family attached residences and two-to-four family residences.

There shall be a charge for collection of refuse and garbage to the owner and/or occupant of every stacked condominium unit for which refuse service is provided by the city through contacts with private haulers. Such fees shall be in the amount of $7.50 for the calendar year 2018, $8.00 for the calendar year 2019, $8.50 for the calendar year 2020, and $9.00 for the calendar year 2021 per stacked condominium unit.

Under the City’s contract with PDC, PDC is permitted to sell or rent trash carts for refuse and yard waste. For more information on the recycling program or to rent or purchase a cart, contact PDC at (309) 674-5176 or visit their website.